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How to Sell My Tesla? – Here are the 3 Steps You Need to Sell Your Tesla

Tesla cars have taken the automotive world by storm. They sport high-end features and are sold with more reasonable price tags. They’re also an environmentally-friendly bunch. All this and Elon Musk’s marketing tactics make your Tesla much more than a fad. It makes it the people’s car.  

With that being said, you might be asking: “How to sell my Tesla?”

Tesla cars are anything but primitive. So, is their resale different? Yes, of course.

As they’re not that old, the average Tesla driver may not know how to get the right value for their Tesla. The fact that Tesla cars are electric makes it even more complicated. You cannot judge the car like you judge its petrol-powered peers.

Tesla also makes a variety of cars, and they all need to be valued differently.

So read on and find out how you can sell your Tesla for more money, in the shortest time. 

How To Sell a Tesla?

Now, there is no shortage of mediums to sell you Tesla on. One could go for the classic approach, and take the car to the local dealer. But we all know what that is like. Dealers are often ruthless in getting you to accept their unfair offers. They need to buy these cars as cheap as they can so that they can profit.

Plus, driving to different dealers is a stressful job. You’d rather do better things on your day off, right?

So you skip the dealership hassle, and take advantage of the internet. You post the car on “buy and sell websites. You take a few pics, and post them on a bunch of sites. Then you may or may not start getting calls; lowball offers that can make you cringe.

Entertaining private parties that come to visit is also strenuous. Haggling with them for dozens of minutes and not agreeing in the end can lead to migraine.

How it Works

  • Send Your Vehicle Info

    All we need is your VIN #, Mileage, and a few photos of your BMW so we can generate your offer.

  • Receive An Offer In Minutes

    After we have all your vehicles info our team of experts will analyze all the information and generate your offer

  • Drop Off Vehicle

    Once you're ready to move forward you can schedule a time to drop off the vehicle or if you're located out of state we will arrange the pickup.

  • Get Paid For Your Tesla

    Our financing department will arrange same day funding once we've arranged vehicle pick up or drop off so we can get paid immediately.

Drop Off & Get Paid - Sell Your Car Orange County
Instant Cash Offer For Your Car

Why Choose Us?

  • Sell Your Car The Easy Way

    Sell your Tesla without dealing with 3rd party websites, online auctions, or private party buyers.

  • Get The Most Value

    We will beat other written offers and pay top dollar for your Porsche (Certain restrictions apply, contact us for more details)

  • We Pay The Same Day

    If you accept your offer we will typically send your payment the same day after all the paperwork is completed.

  • Pressure Free Offer

    After we've provided our offer there are no obligations or any pressure to sell. Once you're ready to move forward with the sale you can contact your sales representative.

Who Buys Used Tesla's? Are Car-Buying Websites Any Good?

So then you turn to the best option out of the three: car-buying websites. Car-buying websites are not free from problems either. To start with some of them; several websites have terrible interfaces. Hence you don’t understand the site, and a couple of them don’t have mobile-friendly versions. Then, there are those that don’t respond to you quickly, or at all.

Sites also cater to different car genres. Not all of them will be willing to even look at your Tesla because the car is unconventional. But there are those that will, and their offers might surprise you. You could get similar offers for your Tesla; a little better or worse than those aggressive dealers.
If they don’t confuse you with insider terms, let’s say that you do get a good offer. The sale could take days to happen because of a slow staff or just tons of paperwork. You might even end up with a cheque instead of cash or a direct transfer of funds.

These were the red flags associated with a large number of car-buying websites. You should always look out for these when selling your vehicle. Always try to sell your vehicle to websites that have reviews to back them up.
This and many other reasons are why you should only trust the best in the game: Sell Your Car OC

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What Our Customers Say

I recently sold my car and they made the entire process super easy. They sent me my offer within a couple minutes and I got paid the same day. Thanks again for all your help.

Ishita Malhotra

San Francisco, CA

I never thought selling my car would be that quick and easy. Submitted my info and got my offer the same day. Everything looked good so I went down to their location and got everything squared away within 15 minutes.

Kylo James

Newport Beach, CA

Where To Sell My Tesla?

If you’re located in California, then we’ve got some great news for you. Even if you don’t, we’ve got you covered.

Sell Your Car OC is the best exotic car-buying website in Orange County, CA. The company has been known as a highly reliable purchaser of thousands of high-end vehicles. With an experience of over ten years, we have bought cars worth a total of more than $25,000,000.

Apart from being supported by the reviews of countless satisfied customers, we will:

  • Provide you with a super-helpful staff
  • Instantly make an offer for your Tesla WITHIN MINUTES
  • Offer you what your Tesla is actually worth without lowballing
  • Process the sale as soon as you drop off the vehicle
  • Not drown you in any paperwork
  • Take care of any lease contracts directly with your bank
  • Pay you within 24hrs; no exceptions
  • Respond to all your queries all day; every day

Your sale will be taken care of within 24 hours as soon as you drop off your vehicle!

In case you’re located in a different state than we are, we’ll have your Tesla picked up ourselves.

We will offer you the highest value for your Tesla. You can confirm this statement by reaching out to the other car purchasing websites from your area.

Best Way to Sell My Tesla in JUST 3 STEPS!

Now that we’ve established what we can do for you; what do you have to do to sell your Tesla? Just the following:
  1. Send Your Tesla’s Info: Your VIN#, mileage, accident history, and a couple of photos.
  2. Receive An Offer: Our experts will analyze your Tesla’s info and make an offer IN MINUTES.
  3. Drop Off and Get Paid: Once you accept, you can drop off the car and get paid within 24hrs.

But what if your Tesla is leased? Are there any separate procedures then? Not from your side.

If you have a Tesla on lease, we will work with your bank ourselves. Our company will pay off the remaining price of the Tesla. We will pay you for the equity that you have.

We will also take care of the DMV’s paperwork so you don’t need to worry about that either.

What Model Tesla's We Purchase

Well, technically we purchase all Tesla models. But you can still make sure you have a Tesla from the following line up: 

Tesla Model 3 for Sale

This is the compact saloon that has taken the electric vehicle market by storm. The car is the best-selling plug-in electric car today. It is lightning quick, and will give you an eco-friendly range of up to 263 miles. It has Tesla’s popular self-driving features. It is the budget-based entry into wacky world of Tesla cars.

But there’s nothing cheap about it. The Model 3 comes with a plush interior and features a 15-inch touchscreen. You also get several types of keys to un/lock the car with. You don’t even have to walk to the car as you can summon it to yourself while its parked. These were just a few of the perks. 

Tesla Model S for Sale

Moving up the Tesla ladder, we get the luxurious mid-sized Model S. The car is currently in its 9th year of production and comes with a variety of batteries. It also comes with many quirks. Its highest possible range goes up to 402 miles and it too has supercar-like acceleration.  

The Model S also features a spectacular suspension that raises itself. The Model S’s key is shaped like the car itself. Apart from summon, you can use the phone’s app to make changes in the car without having to get in. This includes but isn’t limited to the car’s climate controls.  

Tesla Model Y for Sale

The Tesla Model Y is a crossover vehicle with an all-wheel-drive configuration. It is the newest addition to the Tesla line up and is poised to give a range of 326 miles. The Model Y stands out from the crowd with its falcon doors and it has a performance-based version as well. All models do 0-60mph in about 4s.

Apart from being a spacious little go getter, the Model Y comes with many unusual attributes. Inside, it is quite similar to the Model 3 and it comes with an all-glass roof. Not a moonroof, the ENTIRE ROOF. Its large screen also infotainment similar to its cousins.  

Tesla Model X for Sale  

Then we have the Model X, which is Tesla’s larger crossover SUV. It comes with self-driving mechanisms, rear falcon doors, and a maximum range of 371 miles. The insanity doesn’t end there as the car can accelerate to 60mph in 3s. This is due to the highly powerful motors coupled with the AWD setup.

The Model X gives out many features that are found on the plushest vehicles known to man. From ventilated seats to auto emergency braking to a three-zone climate control; it too is loaded with all sorts of gizmos. 

Tesla Roadster for Sale 

The Tesla Roadster is a Tesla car mixed with nostalgia. Now known as the 1st gen Roadster, it is a sports car that is mindbogglingly fast and has a range of more than 240 miles. While it is discontinued, it is still a Tesla that we’ll buy. 

Even though it is one of the earlier Tesla cars, it still looks and feels like a car of today. It truly was ahead of its time when it was manufactured. Plus, what else can be said about the first car ever to be launched into space?

These were the Tesla cars that we’re willing to take off your hands. With time, maybe the Tesla Cybertruck will make this list. 

Get Your Tesla's Used Car Value

This one’s always a difficult task to explain to a seller. All cars lose their value as soon as they’re taken out of the dealership. Car values are based off many different factors. In the case of Tesla cars, they also comprise several different models, each with a series of different motors or trim levels. 

Depreciation is quite an alarming word for exotic car owners, and it hit them the worst. However, Tesla owners are a lot safer in this regard. Tesla cars are electric vehicles that not only are inexpensive to buy, but also to maintain. The 5-year maintenance cost for a Tesla is projected to be around $1500. 

Tesla cars usually require tire rotations and those don’t cost much. Other traditional tuning options such as spark plug-replacements, oil, and fuel filter changes are not required. Tesla cars also do not need costly emission checks because their owners produce more emissions than them. 

With that being said, there are some things that you should take care of. You should make sure that your Tesla’s tires are well-maintained and have some tread life remaining. No one likes to buy a car with worn-out tires that need to be changed. Regular tire rotations can help in this regard. 

Try to make sure that the car’s brakes are in order. These cars don’t require the owner to replace the brake pads that often. This is because your Tesla utilizes regenerative braking, which lessens the strain on the pads. The other thing you can do is make sure that the car’s cabin air filter is a clean one

You should try to keep the exterior clean as well. That doesn’t mean to just hose the car down. It means to make sure that there are no significant dents or scratches on the car. As with any other car, Teslas that are not accident-free tend to sell for less. 

Also, remember that honesty is the best policy. If you’re selling a car (Tesla in this case) and you know that something’s wrong with it; make sure to write that down or inform the potential buyer. It doesn’t matter if the car’s value will decrease. The buyer’s safety and security are in your hands. 

Ensure that you sell a car that is safe for them. So, what exactly are you waiting for? 

Sell Your Tesla Now

In conclusion, Sell Your Car OC is the best thing that can happen to your Tesla. We’ll give you the best value in town and save you a ton of time while doing so.

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