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How do I sell my BMW?

Getting a BMW car is on most people’s bucket list, petrolhead or not. Bimmer cars are a staple of luxury, engineering, and flamboyance. New BMWs have features that’ll be available in other cars after 10 years. In most cases, owning a BMW shows society that you have made it.

But what if you need to sell your BMW?

Selling a BMW is like driving one: it’s out of the ordinary. All sorts of them exist; from the entry-level economy-based cars to the full-blown ultra-high-performance tire killers. There are high-end luxury BMW limos and sedans that the jet-set are driven in.

But we’re not finished there. BMW also sells a wide variety of SUVs. There are also the rare and classic BMW models that enthusiasts love to drool over. A large section of BMW owners likes to drive hybrid and electric ones.

Getting the right offer for your BMW doesn’t seem so simple anymore, right? It is, if you contact the experts for the job.

Here’s how to sell your BMW the right way.

That’s where Sell Your Car OC comes into play. We will get you hassle free offer from a real qualified buyer who understands the market within minutes.

How To Sell My Used BMW?

Selling any car can be tough, especially European exotics. Take your BMW for example. You could take it to a car dealership. But dealers are ruthless negotiators. They will make your BMW seem like scrap just to lowball an offer. How else will they profit from it?
You could snap a couple of pics of the car and post it on various buy-and-sell websites. Too bad most private buyers are no saints either. They’ll offer you pennies for your classy BMW as if they’re doing you a favor by taking it off your hands! You’ll also waste your time entertaining a bunch of random people for nothing.
So, who do you turn to then?

How it Works

  • Send Your Vehicle Info

    All we need is your VIN #, Mileage, and a few photos of your BMW so we can generate your offer.

  • Receive An Offer In Minutes

    After we have all your vehicles info our team of experts will analyze all the information and generate your offer

  • Drop Off Vehicle

    Once you're ready to move forward you can schedule a time to drop off the vehicle or if you're located out of state we will arrange the pickup.

  • Get Paid For Your BMW

    Our financing department will arrange same day funding once we've arranged vehicle pick up or drop off so we can get paid immediately.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Sell Your Car The Easy Way

    Sell your BMW without dealing with 3rd party websites, online auctions, or private party buyers.

  • Get The Most Value

    We will beat other written offers and pay top dollar for your Porsche (Certain restrictions apply, contact us for more details)

  • We Pay The Same Day

    If you accept your offer we will typically send your payment the same day after all the paperwork is completed.

  • Pressure Free Offer

    After we've provided our offer there are no obligations or any pressure to sell. Once you're ready to move forward with the sale you can contact your sales representative.

The Best Way to Sell A BMW

Car buying websites are the go-to these days. You might be thinking: “that’s the easiest and best way to sell my BMW, right?” Not quite, and here’s why.

Plenty of these sites exist now that everything is online. Too many of them. Not all of them will be willing to purchase your BMW from you. Many will behave like those aggressive money-hungry dealership owners. Some might even have websites that won’t work on your phone.

Some will confuse you with jargons (i.e., insider terms) that you probably won’t understand. A couple won’t clearly mention their terms of service. There are those that respond to you after hours or even days. There are inexperienced ones who won’t understand your BMW’s worth.

Even if the offer is right, they could require a ton of paperwork. This too can take days to process. Let’s not even begin with the cheque(s) that some will offer. How hard is it to get cash or a direct transfer in this day and age?

Plus, you can’t just give your car to just anyone without seeing some proper reviews!

We see a large quantity of these websites, but where’s the quality? Read on to find out.

Ready To Get An Offer?

Dont take our word for it

What Our Customers Say

I recently sold my car and they made the entire process super easy. They sent me my offer within a couple minutes and I got paid the same day. Thanks again for all your help.

Ishita Malhotra

San Francisco, CA

I never thought selling my car would be that quick and easy. Submitted my info and got my offer the same day. Everything looked good so I went down to their location and got everything squared away within 15 minutes.

Kylo James

Newport Beach, CA

Where Can I Sell My BMW?

Fret not, because Sell Your Car OC comes to the rescue! We have been buying exotic and luxury cars for more than ten years now. Our company has purchased high-end vehicles worth more than $25,000,000 and have thousands of happy clients to back up what we claim.We can compute and process your sale within minutes and take your BMW off your hands on the same day.What we can do for you:
  • Provide you with a super-helpful staff
  • Instantly make an offer for your BMW WITHIN MINUTES
  • Offer you what your BMW is actually worth without lowballing
  • Process the sale as soon as you drop off the vehicle
  • Not drown you in any paperwork
  • Take care of any lease contracts directly with your bank
  • Pay you within 24hrs; no exceptions
  • Respond to all your queries all day; every day 
If you live in a different state than where we are located (Orange County), we’ll even arrange a pickup for your BMW. Once you’ve accepted our irresistible offer, we’ll pay you for your car and for your time within 24 hours.Don’t even worry about the DMV’s paperwork, as we’ll take care of their procedures.Doesn’t get any better than that, right?

What's My BMW Worth?

Now that depends on countless factors. These include, but aren’t limited to the car’s color, options, accident history, and overall condition. Aftermarket parts also make a difference, as some buyers look for complete originality when it comes to their purchase.

Yes, high-end BMW cars are worth more, especially full-on sports cars. If you have a BMW with an M badge, you can expect a heftier offer that matches the car’s aura. Enthusiasts also value older models with bigger engines and/or more options. So you can expect a raise there.

You could look at the private listings on car websites. But beware as you’ll mostly find owners demanding insanely high prices, even if their BMW is more in line with a hunk of junk. They’ll never get that much for their cars, not in this lifetime at least.

At Sell Your Car OC, we know BMW cars inside out. Our technicians will analyze your car in minutes and provide you with an offer you won’t be able to say no to. Yes, that’s a pretty big claim. But take your BMW anywhere else and you’ll see for yourselves!

How To Get a Better Offer

Now this one might sting a bit, but it is the harsh truth you need to hear.

Despite the ‘sheer driving pleasure’ that each BMW offers, getting a good offer can be tough when you’re selling one. This is because they can be expensive to maintain and care for. BMW cars come with complex electronics that only experts can fix. A bad auto technician can properly ruin the car.

These cars are durable but have question marks for reliability. They’re also harder to insure because once again, their parts can be pricey. So, these cars do depreciate more than your average Japanese people carrier. These problems apply to all BMWs but mostly to older BMW models, from let’s say 10-15 years ago.

Getting A Better Offer for Your BMW

But that doesn’t mean that you cannot make money by selling them. Maintenance is key as no one wants to purchase an old beater. If your BMW has any problems, try to get them fixed by a professional before taking it to the marketplace.

Make sure that the car is clean and that there are no dents on its exterior. Try to keep the car’s fluids in check and ensure that the tires have a remaining tread life. Even the smallest of issues can result in price gouges and you wouldn’t want that to happen.  

A proper service history can do wonders. Remember, your BMW will become someone else’s. Ensure that they receive a car that’ll serve them well as it served you. Small, unfixed issues can turn into large ones. These become a hazard if the next owner isn’t aware of them.

Many people buy used luxury BMW sedans for the plushness and the gadgets that come with them. Try to ensure that they get to receive the most of it. Enthusiasts will appreciate your car for simple attention to original details such as the tools arranged in the car’s toolbox.

Those were a few steps that you can take yourself. We at Sell Your Car OC will always give you the best offer for your BMW based on its condition at the time. Once again, you can get an offer from us and compare it with other car-buying websites.

Ready To Get An Offer?

Types of BMW's We Purchase

Now that we’ve established that we’ll buy your BMW, which models are we looking for specifically?

BMW 1 Series and 2 Series for Sale

Let’s start at the beginning, with the BMW 1 series. This is a subcompact executive car and is available as a 3- and 5-door hatchback. There are also saloon variants in the car’s older generations. The 1 Series is a tiny BMW that is fuel-efficient with a great performance.

The 2 Series is its coupé/convertible version.

BMW 3 Series and 4 Series for Sale

BMW 3 Series cars are some of the most iconic in automotive history. The E46 and the E30 M3 models decorate the bedroom posters of many young gearheads. Even without the sport packages, the 3 Series is an outclass compact saloon.

The 4 Series including the M4 is its coupé/convertible version.

BMW 5 Series for Sale

Moving to the middle of the BMW lineup, we get the beloved midsized sedan i.e., the BMW 5 Series. This badge has also given out some legendary models such as the E35, the E39, and the E60. The M5 models are bonified supercar killers. The 5 Series represents power and plushness.

BMW 6 Series for Sale

We also buy the BMW 6 Series; the one with underrated cruising machines. They’re grand tourers and their M6 variants are simply breathtaking. The popular ones are the E63 and F06 models. These are great to look at and can give you a serene or a monstrous ride; all up to you.

BMW 7 Series for Sale

Owning a BMW 7 Series car puts one in an exclusive club. It is a treat for both the chauffeur and the passengers. It is a palace on wheels, putting the world’s best limos to shame. The large sedan is powerful and is loaded with gizmos. Popular models include the E38, the E65, and the F01.

BMW 8 Series for Sale

The BMW 8 Series has received a reboot but it is still one of the coolest grand tourers ever. The E31 model from the 90s is quite rare and is a collectible. The current model, the G15, comes in a grand tourer, a coupé, and a convertible version. All of its versions are bullet fast.

BMW X Series for Sale

When it comes to high-end crossover vehicles, the BMW X Series is a top contender. It includes the mid-sized X5 and X6, and the compact X3. Recently, the subcompact X1 and X2, and the full-sized X7, have also been introduced. Power, luxury and spaciousness come as standard.

BMW “i” for Sale

You cannot count out hybrids and plug-in vehicles in this day and age. The BMW “i” range has been the rage lately amongst environmentalists and fuel-savers. The range includes the i3 and i8; a hatchback and a sportscar respectively. Both are amongst the best in their respective categories.

Other BMWs that we tend to buy include ones from the Z Series. If you own any classic BMWs not listed here, then we’ll buy those as well.

Recent Luxury Cars We've Purchased

Can I Sell My Leased BMW?

Yes, you can. This one’s another policy that many car purchasing websites and dealerships don’t have. We buy all sorts of leased BMWs as well.

If you have a BMW on lease and are worried about your bank’s paperwork; don’t sweat it.

Just like we take care of the DMV, we’ll work it out with your bank as well. We will pay off the loan or lease for your BMW.

The amount you’ve paid for the car will also be reimbursed. Hence, if you have any sort of equity on the car, we’ll clear that while you make your drop-off.

So you can bet that we will buy your leased BMW as well.

Avoid The Hassle & Sell Your BMW For Cash in JUST 3 STEPs

To conclude, we will take your BMW off your hands and pay you well for it. You can sell your BMW, or any other exotic to us in just 3 simple steps:
1. Send Your BMW’s Info: Your VIN#, mileage, accident history and a few photos.
2. Receive An Offer: Our experts will observe your BMW’s info and make an offer IN MINUTES.
3. Drop Off and Get Paid: Once you accept, you can drop off the car and get paid within 24hrs.
Once again, if you’re located out of our state, just let us know and we’ll arrange the pick-up.
You can hit us up now at (949)478-4268 for a rapid response. Sell your BMW to us without breaking a sweat!

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